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We are happy to present this testimonials to Dr.Shalini Poddar. We are happy to be associated with Sprihaa. We recommend them for all the Physchology Therapy. She is expert in understanding the needs of individual patient problems and helps them with right kind of advice and solution. We wish Dr. Shalini Poddar, a long life, good health and great success in her all endeavors.

-Dr. Raghavendra M.S.
Founder, Director, Chief of Medical Services


Celebrate life is unique Wellness Company with the concept of  mind and body wellness. We are into Slimming, Beauty, Laser and Derma Treatments with an expertise of 12 years. We are pioneer in relating the effect of mind over body and connection of holistic wellness with the same.

Celebrate Life is open for franchising and helping woman to become an entrepreneur through our franchisee model and our solid support system.

Letter of Appreciation to DR. SHAU PODDAR FROM SPRIHAA for her outstanding work. Celebrate Life is a unique Wellness Company with the concept of mind and body wellness. We are into slimming, Beauty, Laser Treatments with an expertise of 12 years.

l had referred DR. SHALINI PODDAR FROM SPRIHAA to a friend of mine who financial phase his life. Anything he was trying was becoming more of an issue than solution.

When he met DR SHALINI PODDAR FROM SPRIHA she not only walking with him to understand his problem but also first made him understand how her therapies which work on the believe system are effective.
As he was very comfortable with the process he went through few therapy sessions and was amazed
how he himself was blocking his financial growth.

I highly recommend DR SHALINI PODDAR FROM SPRIHA as she is scientific, logical in her way ofis very explaining her therapies but also understands the root of the problem and works from there. She passionate, caring understanding and most importantly has in-depth knowledge of her subject.

Founder & creator of Celebrate Life Wellness



Its been my absolute privilege to know  Shalini of Sprihaa, professionally and personally, She is someone on whom people can consistently rely, and she gives ability compassion, and generosity. She is someone relates to people with incredible ease and her ability  to maintain an empathic and open stance  while still still holding herself to the highest  professional and psychology as a clinical Physhologist unlike others, She is package of science and Psychology as a clinical Psychologist. She specializes in hypnotherapy, regression and various other techniques to identify the root cause of psyshological

l discussed with her at a preliminary level on addressing a concern about one of my well-wishers. She listened  very carefully with lot of patience. The suggestion ahe gave was  not useful brought change in the person but also helped me to understand the importance of human relationships. What made a change is the way she conveyed the best practice in such a simple way without affecting the to day life.

l sincerely recommend each one of you to spend hour with her. I am sure you will come out with that one meet a new “YOU”.  I want each of you to take away the myth that people only with disturbance should and clinical psychologist. Every individual needs a cleansing to achieve great heights in their personal professional life and Dr. Shalini is best.

Founder Furnome